Ending June With Joy: Day 6 – (Romans 5.2-3 – “The Hope of Glory”)

Jesus’ followers have joy, because we know that God will someday glorify us by purifying us from every vestige of sin and fallenness.  We are encouraged by our hope of seeing the final day of the Lord in which His invisible reign over the universe is made visible and in which His will is done on earth just as it is in heaven.  In that day, we will find ourselves free from sinful thoughts and inclinations.  Our vigilance will be over.  We will no longer need to endure hardship to become what God is making us, because we will have finally arrived.  We are currently waiting for this glorious ending, but it is certainly coming.  Consequently, we rejoice now, because we know that even our present suffering is being used to produce character, endurance and love that we will enjoy in heaven throughout ages everlasting.  Our joy then will be complete, but we experience foretastes of this rejoicing even now.

Ending June With Joy: Day 7 – (Colossians 2.5 – “The Progress of Others”)

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