Ending June With Joy: Day 5 – (Philippians 3.1 & 4.4 – “The Lord”)

Have joy in Jesus.  That is God’s advice to us in these verses.  Specifically, we are advised to rejoice in His Lordship.  There is joy in knowing that Jesus is in control.  This life is chock full of confusing, frustrating and joy-squelching situations.  If we attach our joys to the comforts and pleasantness of our circumstances then we are bound to ride a roller coaster of disappointments.  By contrast, there is something stable and constant about the presence of Jesus on the throne of the universe.  We can trust Him.  He lived His life among us to demonstrate his tenderness and love for us in the midst of life’s troubles.  He gave His life for us to guarantee that resurrection and victory are our eternal destiny no matter what our present circumstances may be.  Those are good reasons to rejoice “in the Lord.”

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