Ending June With Joy: Day 4 – (Romans 12.15 – “The Joys of Others”)

“Rejoice with those who rejoice.” One of the ways God fills us with joy is that He enlarges our hearts so they can make room for the joys of others.  God Himself is able to experience the joy of His children. He isn't just a passive spectator. He participates in our joy, because He is our Father. Parents naturally enjoy seeing their kids experience something wonderful.  Spiritually, the Holy Spirit changes our hearts when we are born again in Christ, and He enlarges them to take in the lives of other people around us.  He enables us to participate in the joy of our heavenly Father who rejoices when good things happen to His children.  It is a wonderful gift of God for us to be able to sincerely and authentically rejoice with the victories, blessings and successes of our brothers and sisters.  Satan continuously works to shrink our hearts to the size of our own self-interest, but let’s commit to following hard after our heavenly Father who calls us to enter into the joys of others.

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