Against Anxiety – “Your Heavenly Father Knows You Need Them” (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 5

Childlike trust is the greatest antidote for anxiety that there is.  Christians have a loving heavenly Father who knows just what we need.  Jesus isn’t pointing this out to make an argument against activity but rather to make an argument against anxiety.  There is work to be done and there are plans to be made, but do we factor our Father into those plans?  James encourages us to always factor God into our plans by saying, “If the Lord wills.”  Do you believe that God has taken responsibility for you?  That is what Father’s do.  They say, “This is my child, I’ll take care of them.”  When God saved you, He took responsibility for you.  He may not always care for you in the way that you prefer, but He will never fail to take care of you.

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