Against Anxiety – “Can You Add An Hour To Your Life?” (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 3

Jesus asks us to meditate on whether worrying will really deliver on it promises.  Anxiety promises control over uncontrollable circumstances.  We typically worry when we are faced with a situation that doesn’t ask our permission.  We have little or no input into the final outcome, and so we busy our minds with worrying about what may or may not happen.  It feels like if we worry then maybe that worrying will make a difference.  If, however, you just take Jesus’ advice and ask yourself if that makes any sense, you will quickly see that worrying has no power over the future and only serves to spoil the present.  The thing to do with uncontrollable circumstances is not to worry over them but to talk to God about them.

Against Anxiety – “Consider The Lilies Of The Field” (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 4

Against Anxiety - "Consider the Birds of the Air" (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 2: