Who Am I?

I am a pastor who is currently serving churches in central Kentucky. I was born in Texas, raised in Arkansas and taken across the world through my service in the U.S. Marine Corps. I am married to my wife Heather and we have three adult children and a growing family through grandchildren. We are trusting that Jesus will keep holding us up as we sojourn through this life and safely arrive at our eternal home.

Sam & Heather in Scotland


My Testimony

I grew up in a Christian home. Consequently, I was introduced to the basics of Christian belief at a young age and grew up attending Church services regularly. By the time I was about eleven years old, I had a firm conviction that God was real and that Jesus was His Son and I wanted to make those convictions public. So I went forward, professing my faith in Jesus, and was baptized in my home Church in Little Rock, AR. I experienced no growth, however in my affection toward God or in my dedication to His service.

Within a couple of years I was in a frame of mind in which I dreaded going to Church and was questioning my parents about certain aspects of Jesus’ death on the cross that revealed that I really had not wrestled with the truth of Christ’s taking my place and bearing my sin. Through my mother’s insistence, I reluctantly attended youth meetings at our Church during my eighth grade year. I subsequently found myself in an evangelistic service where I was confronted with the question of whether or not I had confidence that I would go to heaven if I died.

I desperately wanted to say, “Yes”, but I couldn’t in good conscience bring myself to believe that it was true. The Lord opened my eyes to see that I had not ever asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. Instead I had simply confessed my belief in Him. I had not understood that He died for my sins. I realized that I needed more than a creedal statement of my beliefs; I needed a Savior. That night I asked the Lord to forgive me and to enter my heart and to be Lord of my life. It was embarrassing for me to have to confess that I had not made a proper profession the first time, and I initially told friends and family that I had simply “rededicated” my life. Eventually, however, I admitted the truth and was legitimately baptized my Sophomore year of High School. Since my conversion, I have experienced the grace of God in giving me a greater love for Him, His Word, His Church, and other people around me.

Within a year of my conversion, I began to have a tremendous interest in the ministry. I grew to love my Pastors and the volunteer leaders that worked in our youth group. I respected their calling and the help that they lent me in my life. During my High School years I began to assist in the ministry of my Church in various ways. Through this activity I became aware that God had given me a desire to serve His Church through teaching, preaching and counseling. My Church affirmed my gifts and my calling and licensed me to preach right after I graduated from High School. My vision of the future was relatively limited at that time. I figured that I would attend college and seminary and then go on to seek a full time position at a Church. In the providence of God, however, I received a scholarship from the Marine Corps and ended up serving almost ten years there. Although it seemed like an unnecessary detour to many at the time, the Lord used those years to present me with opportunities to serve in various Churches across the world and to receive additional confirmation both of my desire to serve the Church and of my fitness to pursue the work of a Pastor.

I have subsequently been blessed to serve as the Senior Pastor for two churches in Kentucky. God has been gracious to bless me in spite of my weakness and has allowed me to see Him work through His Word. I hope that you will find the resources on this blog helpful for your own personal walk with Jesus.