Ending June With Joy: Day 7 – (Colossians 2.5 – “The Progress of Others”)

Our joy gets a huge shot in the arm when we see fellow believers making progress in their faith.  Paul tells the church of Colossae that he rejoiced to hear how firm and vigorous they were in standing for Jesus.  You may not realize it, but your love for Jesus is incredibly encouraging for your brothers and sisters in Christ.  When you follow through on a new discipline and experience a fresh sense of God’s presence and purpose in your life, you should share it.  When you are enduring a difficult season but are finding that the Lord is faithful in the midst of your problems, you should share it. God uses those testimonies to produce joy in your fellow believers.  Like Paul, we can all rejoice with each other in seeing the good order that God brings into our lives and the firmness of our faith in Jesus.

Ask God For Anything - John 14-16 (Spiritual Renovation - Part 5)

Ask God For Anything - John 14-16 (Spiritual Renovation - Part 5)

Ending June With Joy: Day 6 – (Romans 5.2-3 – “The Hope of Glory”)