Against Anxiety – “All These Things Will Be Added To You” (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 6

It is tempting to take Jesus’ words here as a promise that we will never experience a lack of food or clothing, but that is never a promise we are given.  What Jesus is really doing is challenging us to think radically about what is essential to our lives and what is peripheral in our lives.  We should be kingdom-minded people whose first priority in life is to live for the Lord.  That is what our life is essentially about, and, if we are rightly focused there, we can simply trust our Heavenly Father to add the peripheral things like food and clothing to us.  That is radical isn’t it?  Food and clothing aren’t essential to my life!  Lord, help us to seek your Kingdom as the first thing in our lives and to leave the “other things” in Your care.

Fight Night - Lefty v. Fatty - Judges 3.12-30

Fight Night - Lefty v. Fatty - Judges 3.12-30

Against Anxiety – “Your Heavenly Father Knows You Need Them” (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 5