Against Anxiety - “Is Not Life More Than Food?” (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 1:

Today we are meditating on Jesus’ question: “Isn’t your life more than food?”  Obviously we need food in order to live, and our bodies are constantly making that message clear to us.  Jesus here is counseling us to listen to something besides our bellies.  There is a world beyond this present age.  There is life eternal.  We pause to give thanks to God before we eat, but perhaps it would be helpful for us to take those prayer opportunities and make them an occasion to ask the Lord to help us to see past the food on our plates to where our lives truly lie.

Against Anxiety - "Consider the Birds of the Air" (Matthew 6.19-34) – Day 2:

What Can We Do With Worry? - Matthew 6.19-34

What Can We Do With Worry? - Matthew 6.19-34