From Outsider to Insider – Day 19 – Acts 26.1-29

It seems pretty arrogant to say that you wish that everyone would become like you, yet that is precisely what Paul tells King Agrippa. (v. 29)  How exactly did he want people to become like him?  He wanted them to have the same experience of God’s grace that He did.  Paul had just told Agrippa about how God had saved him and turned him around even though he had done absolutely nothing to deserve such mercy.  He is talking about how great it is to know that you have a living relationship with Jesus and that He loves you in spite of how unworthy you are.  It should break our hearts to see people walking through life without the certainty of heaven, without the presence of the Holy Spirit and without the assurance of being truly forgiven.  Dear fellow believer; have you forgotten how desperate it is to live without Jesus?  We sing that it is so sweet to trust in Jesus, and it is!  Have you thought about how bitter it is to lack that trust?  To have nothing but your own sense of morality to guide you and nothing but a vague hope for a better life after death is truly a hollow way to live.  Isn’t that reason enough for us to want everyone to become like us and to know the love of Jesus?

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