From Outsider to Insider – Day 17 – Acts 21.1-14

What are we willing to endure for the sake of the name of Jesus?  Paul said that he was willing to serve the Lord even if it meant imprisonment or death. (v. 13)  What gave him that resolve?  Was it simply a heroic exertion of his willpower to grit his teeth and do his duty no matter what the cost?  I think not.  I think love is what spurred Paul on, not willpower.  It is amazing what you can do when you love someone enough.  The presence of a loved one can make even the most miserable circumstances bearable, and I think Paul knew that he would be drawing nearer and nearer to Jesus no matter what he went through.  The goal of our lives is to draw as near to Jesus as we can.  This is why Paul wrote: “For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ.” (Philippians 3.8)  He said that he endured hardship because he knew that it would draw him closer to Jesus.  That same opportunity is in front of us today.  We can draw nearer to Jesus no matter what it takes.

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