From Outsider to Insider – Day 13 – Acts 17.10-15

The Bible is a gracious gift that God has given to His people.  History shows us that there are many who come and claim to speak for God with persuasive sounding arguments.  Even in our own day there is no shortage of opinions about what God wants for us and from us.  The bookstore shelves and the television screens are full of preachers and teachers.  How are we to sort through it all and be certain that we are on solid ground?  God wants His people to have certainty.  He doesn’t want us to be tossed around by every new opinion, teaching or fad.  So, He inspired men to write.  He wanted them to write His Words down, so they could be read thousands of years later.  He wanted us to have an unchanging standard that would allow us to evaluate what preachers, teachers and messengers are telling us.  As Isaiah had said: “Go to God's instruction and testimony! If [teachers] do not speak according to this word, there will be no dawn for them.” (Isaiah 8.20)  Paul believed in the power of God’s Word and so he encouraged his hearers to read the Bible for themselves to make sure that he was telling the truth.  It is a wonderful assurance to know that even though so much changes around us, the Word of God always remains the same.

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