From Outsider to Insider – Day 11 – Acts 16.1-5

We only see a small part of what God is doing through the circumstances of our lives.  Sometimes it feels as though we have accomplished very little, but God has been quietly working outside of our notice.  Today, we read that Paul is back in Lystra.  You will remember that he had been there years before and was both worshipped as a god and then stoned as a heretic.  I’m sure that he had hoped for better results from his evangelistic efforts, but he left the town bruised and beaten.  Yet, here he is years later, and the Lord has done something remarkable.  Paul’s witness for Jesus had captured the hearts of a woman named Lois and her daughter Eunice and they became followers of Jesus.  They began to worship with fellow believers in Lystra and to grow in their faith.  They also began to instruct Eunice’s young son, Timothy, and to explain the gospel to him.  Timothy eventually put his trust in Christ because of the patient instruction of his mother and grandmother, and, by the time Paul returned to Lystra, he was already demonstrating faithfulness that had gained him the admiration of the rest of the church.  This Timothy would become Paul’s spiritual son who would serve alongside Paul for the rest of his life.  Not only that, but God would use Paul’s relationship with Timothy to teach us most of what we know about the responsibilities of a pastor inside the church.  I feel certain that Paul didn’t see all of that coming when he left Lystra years before, but he did trust that God was at work.  God was always at work.  We need to trust in that same truth.  God is always at work.

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