From Outsider to Insider – Day 8 – Acts 13.13-52

In our reading, we have come a long way with Paul so far.  We have seen him go from a violent opponent of the gospel to now being on a year long missions journey across the Mediterranean world.  Today we get a sample of how Paul was preaching on this journey.  What kind of message had all the events of his life been leading up to?  I’ll summarize his message in three points.  First, God has always been working toward saving His people.  This is why he goes back and tells them the history of how God had worked patiently with the Jewish people for hundreds of years.  Second, Jesus is God’s only way of saving His people.  This is why he talks about who Jesus is and what He has done, because there is no one else who can save.  Finally, God is always sovereign in saving His people.  The response to the gospel is not left to random chance or to the whims of man.  After Paul had preached and called for a response, we are told that, “as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.” (v. 48)  They were “appointed”.  They had an appointment for eternal life, and, when Paul showed up and preached the gospel, the time of that appointment had arrived.  God is still in the business of making divine appointments today.  Don’t you want Him to use you to bring some of them to pass?  Lord, help us to see that our lives have a purpose and a plan, and that we have some appointments to keep with those who need to know about how God is saving His people through Jesus.

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