From Outsider to Insider – Day 6 – Acts 13.5-12

Cyprus was the first place that Paul and Baranabas went on their missionary journey.  They went from town to town on the island and explained the Word of God to the people.  This is just the kind of activity that we would expect on a mission trip.  We can imagine making travel plans and thinking through what we want to preach at each town.  We can think about all of the logistical arrangements that would need to be made like lodging and food.  But we might omit to remember the most important thing: the leadership of the Lord.  The Holy Spirit is the One who leads the church and empowers its mission.  Paul and Barnabas have just begun their work and almost immediately we see spiritual opposition begin to manifest itself.  A magician named Bar-Jesus doesn’t want to lose his influence with the governor, so he tries to undermine the preaching of Paul.  This is a spiritual battle.  It can’t be solved by a slick sermon series or a well-thought-out logistical plan.  God has to show up.  That is why verse 9 is so important to the story that Luke is telling us: “Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit.”  When we are put under pressure by the opposition that we face as followers of Christ; what has filled us will come out of us.  What we have allowed to fill us will spill out of us.  Paul had sought to yield himself to the power and presence of God’s Spirit, so when the pressure of opposition came … the Spirit spilled out of him.  This is such a useful challenge to me.  Remember to abide in the presence of God and allow Him to fill me.  Remove those things from my life that tend to push Him out.  In this way, when the pressure comes … so will the fruit of the Spirit.

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