From Outsider to Insider – Day 5 – Acts 13.1-4

This is the first church-sponsored mission team recorded in the history of Christianity.  Notice how the Holy Spirit used the church to direct and confirm His plans.  If anyone could launch an international mission effort without having to seek affirmation from others surely Paul would be the guy.  He had personally met the risen Christ on the road to Damascus.  He had gone into Arabia for years to learn from the Lord about the truth of the faith.  And yet, his mission doesn’t start until the Holy Spirit gets a hold of the church at Antioch during a prayer gathering and tells them that He wants Barnabas and Paul to be “set apart”.  God is continually calling and equipping His people to do His work, and He always, let me repeat: always, uses the church to confirm that calling.  We need to take this fact seriously.  You may see gifts in a sister that she doesn’t see in herself.  You need to tell her and pray that the Lord reveals that to her as well.  You may be struggling to identify a particular call in your life.  You need to seek the input and prayers of godly brothers.  We should expect the work of Christ in the world to be done through the body of Christ in the world: the church.  He doesn’t work through body parts just dropped here and there at random.  He works through the body together.

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