How The Gospel Story Connects To My Story – Day 5 – Ephesians 2.4-10

Yesterday we read about how every Christ-follower must look back upon a time in which he or she was spiritually dead and without hope.  Today we read that every Christ-follower must also have a “But God” moment.  Verse 4 says that, in spite of the helplessness of our former life, God was still rich in mercy and overflowing with love.  This is what lies behind the “But God” moment; the love and mercy of God.  I was dead “but God” made me alive.  I was rebellious “but God” was merciful.  I was foolish “but God” was patient.  I was hateful “but God” loved me anyway.  This gracious intervention of God was totally undeserved by us and has endowed our lives with a new power and a new purpose.  When Paul says that we have been seated with Jesus in heavenly places (v. 6), he is saying that we have been positioned with the King.  We aren’t spiritual beggars anymore.  When Paul says that we’ve been recreated for good works (v. 10), he is saying that we have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  God is going to use us.  I hope that there is some kindling here for you that will start a little fire in your soul.  We sometimes act as though God has given just the bare minimum to save us for heaven and help us escape hell when we die.  Child of God, your life is the result of a decisive intervention of God that was motivated by rich mercy and great love.  Rich mercy and great love.  Not a pinch of mercy and a drop of love.  When it comes to love and mercy, God is no miser.  That means that we have heavenly access to the Lord to comfort our hearts, and we have assurance of God’s purpose to strengthen our hands.  My God, help us today to make a proper estimate of the size of Your grace and love.

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