How The Gospel Story Connects To My Story – Day 3 – Ephesians 1.15-23

These verses contain a summary of how Paul prays for his brothers and sisters around the world. He is genuinely thrilled that they have trusted in Jesus and are faithfully following Him, and so he wants them to live out of that new reality.  That is why he says that he wants, “the eyes of their hearts to be enlightened”.  There is a vital truth for us here.  We need to see, with the eyes of our hearts, all that God has done for and through us in Jesus.  We need to see all that God is currently doing for and through us today.  There are three specific things that Paul hopes that we will see: (1) how much hope we have to look forward to, (2) how rich we truly are to have received fellowship with God, and (3) how much power God has infused into our lives through the giving of His Holy Spirit. (vv. 18-19)  Are the eyes of your heart open to the hopefulness, richness and power of the life to which He has called you?  Do you see your Brother, Jesus, seated in the heavenly places far above all rule and authority? (vv. 20-21)  Ask yourself how encouraging it would be to see the Lord of the universe seated in His glory and then to have Him turn a knowing glance at you from His throne.  It is the gaze of a familiar friend.  He sees you, knows you and has saved you through His finished work on the cross and the empty tomb.  Wouldn’t that serve to keep some fears and doubts at bay?  Wouldn’t that put more strength in your service and more confidence in your hopes?  Let us pray that the Lord would enlighten the eyes of our hearts to truly see Jesus.

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