How The Gospel Story Connects To My Story – Day 26 – Ephesians 6.18-20

How do we put on the whole armor of God?  We pray for it.  If you are going to follow Jesus, then your life must be a praying life.  It can’t simply be an activity that we sometimes engage in.  It must be woven into the very fabric of our lives.  In these short verses, Paul says “all” four times: “all times”, “all prayer”, “all perseverance”, and “all the saints”.  Obviously, it isn’t possible to pray every prayer or for every person, so what does he mean by using “all” so many times?  He means that we must not put prayer in a closet.  We must not confine it to the periphery of our lives.  It needs to be central to how we conduct our lives.  It is one of the most concrete ways that we acknowledge the true spiritual nature of our lives.  If there is no God and no angelic world, then there is simply no reason to pray.  It is mere superstition.  The atheist and the non-praying “Christian” are alike in their belief that prayer is totally unnecessary to living a fulfilling life.  In contrast, those of us who have been awakened to the reality of the Lord and of the spiritual world realize that it is impossible to operate in this world without resorting to prayer.  There are too many battles that can’t be won unless the Lord gives the victory.  There are too many fears that can’t be overcome unless the Lord reassures our hearts.  There are too many people who have not heard the gospel who will remain in darkness unless the Lord opens a door for us to share.  In light of this truth, we engage in “all prayer” because we need all the help from God that we can get.

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