How The Gospel Story Connects To My Story – Day 18 – Ephesians 5.1-2

Our motivation for living a godly life is our desire to be like God our Father.  It’s the kind of motivation that a child has who wants to grow up and be like his dad.  Unfortunately, we are tempted to work on our spiritual lives like an employee who is just trying to “meet the job description” or “keep the boss off of our back”.  Where are you?  Why are you praying?  Why are you reading Scripture?  Why are you working on your temper?  Why are you watching your words?  Are you doing these things because you feel the love that God has for you as a “beloved child”?  Or, are you doing these things because you don’t want Him coming down on you?  The example of our elder Brother is vital.  Jesus walked “in love”. (v. 2)  He did what He did and gave what He gave because of His love: His love for the Father and His love for His brothers and sisters who desperately needed Him to sacrifice Himself on Calvary.  Do you see the connection?  The better we grasp the love that God has for us, the greater our motivation will be to live a holy life.  If people ask us why we do some of the strange things we do, we should be able to respond: “It’s because I love my Father in heaven, and I want to be like Him.”  There is an additional beauty in this, because God, as our Father, truly delights in our attempts to honor Him.  They are like a “fragrant offering” to Him.  They make your life smell good.  They make it smell like your spiritual home.  Let me say it again: we are God’s beloved children and He delights in our efforts to imitate Him.  Just like a little girl who wants to clip clop around the house in her mother’s high heels or a small boy who likes to drag around in his father’s boots, we put on our Father’s bigger shoes and try to wear them around our day to day lives.  When our Father sees it, He smiles.

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