How The Gospel Story Connects To My Story – Day 13 – Ephesians 4.7-10

We have been saved in order to be brought into the family of God and loved as a part of His people, but this doesn’t mean that God never deals with us on an individual basis.  Each of His children is important to Him and He has a gifted place for each one within His household.  That is what Paul means when he says that, “grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.” (v. 7)  Grace was given to “each one”.  Now, when we think about God’s giving us gifts, we often think of particular powers or abilities that God gives us to use for His kingdom.  It is absolutely true that God does gift us in that way, but I think the primary gift that God has in mind here is the gift of friends in Christ.  God gives us one another.  That is why Paul is talking about Jesus descending from heaven to earth.  He descended so that He could give us His presence; so that He could be with us.  And then He ascended to heaven and gave gifts to His people so that His glory would be everywhere.  So, Jesus has filled His brothers and sisters with His presence, and that is the primary way in which we receive the gifts that He gives.  That means that you have been given to your brothers and sisters as a gift and that they have been given to you in that same way.  May the Lord help us to seek to be a blessing and a gift to one another.

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