How The Gospel Story Connects To My Story – Day 10 – Ephesians 3.8-13

Yesterday we read about how God is taking people who are far from God and bringing them into His family and giving them a priceless inheritance.  That was the message that Paul had been given to share.  He was given this message even though he was “the very least of all the saints.” (v. 8)  Isn’t it strange that he should describe himself as the least?  We think of Paul as being a great man who was faithful, bold and willing to endure sacrifice.  He was certainly greatly used by God.  Even so, he still had a sense that he was unworthy to serve the Lord.  That made him grateful for the grace of God that had saved him and for the grace of God that was using him.  We sometimes forget how fortunate we are to be able to serve the Lord.  One psalmist said that he would rather be a lowly doorman in God’s house than to be the king somewhere else. (Psalm 84.10)  I think Paul is expressing something similar here.  He just couldn’t get over the amazing fact that God wanted to use him … even him. 


It gets even more amazing though.  The good news that Paul was sharing was bringing people into the church and the lives that were being changed through its power was catching the attention of “rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.” (v. 10)  That means that even angels are fascinated to observe how God changes people, all kinds of people, through the power of the gospel.  We are living our lives before the hosts of heaven, and they are amazed by what we children of God get to experience as God loves us, saves us, and uses us for His glory.  May the Lord show us that even though we are the least of the saints, He still delights to use us for his purposes and to show us off before the angels in heaven.

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