How The Gospel Story Connects To My Story – Day 6 – Ephesians 2.11-15

We live in a world that is defined by separation.  Even as children we often have a fear of being left alone or being left out.  We exert enormous energy in trying to ensure that we are part of the “in” crowd, and we get depressed or angry if our efforts are unsuccessful.  The gospel declares that Jesus was sent into this world of separation and that, “He himself is our peace, who has … broken down … the dividing wall of hostility” (v. 14)  This means that Jesus’ work is one in which God is bringing together people who have long mocked, distrusted and misunderstood each other.  Jesus gives people, who have no reason to be together, a reason to be together.  When Paul says that Jesus IS our peace, he means that when you ask brothers and sisters in Christ why they are together, they reply, “Because of Jesus.”  If Jesus is the bond of your connection with someone else then He will never fail.  Sports, hobbies and entertainment may bring you close to someone else for a season of life, but they come and go.  Only the connecting bond of Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever.  And that is why Paul says that when God bonds people through Jesus it is so strong that it’s like they are being made into one man. (v. 15)  Part of how we show the world the beauty of Jesus is by how we love our brothers and sisters in Christ.  May the Lord show us how the walls of hostility are brought down between us and may that inspire us to love beyond boundaries.

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