Rebuilding What Has Been Lost - Day 14 (Nehemiah 5)

We've already seen external threats to the rebuilding work, but today we see that there are internal obstacles to overcome as well. Rebuilding the wall was costly work and some of the poorer people were sacrificing themselves and their families in the work because their brothers were exploiting their vulnerability. We have already seen this rebuilding work bring out some of the best in God's people as they stepped out in faith, but we must understand that it can (and will) also bring out some of the worst in us as well. The richer people couldn't resist using this opportunity to make a quick dollar. They lost sight of God's heart and of the greater significance of what they were doing.

If God has called you to a rebuilding work, are you alert to the ways in which you may just be "going through the motions" all while you are "lining your pockets"? Remember, our sinful natures do not care if we say we are seeking God's kingdom just so long as we are really seeking our own kingdom. You cannot serve two masters.

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